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Be Successful, Reach full potential

Allow in Your Success & Commit to It -Siobhan Wilcox

Well my friends I feel like I am writing the Zumba chronicles. Here I am again talking about an incredible insight I received while shaking my booty at Zumba on Friday.

During the class I started to develop a leg cramp, right in the center of my left calf. This immediately brought me into the moment. So I began to tuned inwards to see what was creating this. Using techniques I had learned while studying ‘Focusing’ many years ago I worked through my body, observing &  asking some questions-

  • was it happening because I hadn’t drunk  enough water,
  • or was I lacking in calcium,
  • or was it simply that I hadn’t stretched enough before class.

For those that haven’t heard of  ‘Focusing’ it is a body-based technique that helps to confirm inner knowing developed by psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin. I studied this over 14years ago while training as a Stress Management Consultant. However this time I was surprised as none of the questions were getting a response.

So I asked my angels – ‘What is causing this leg cramp’

“You have to stop trying to succeed”, they said. Now this threw me as I hadn’t expected this answer. I was confused. Not a good thing when you are sweating to keep up with fast music and have a throbbing leg. So frustratedly I asked for clarification.

“When you ‘TRY’ something”, the Angels responded,  “You do not committee to it!  You are trying to set up a new aspect to your business. However you have not committed to doing this. And therefore you are not allowing success to be yours. The pain in your leg is just a reminder that you are blocking the flow of your forward movement and creativity because you are NOT FULLY COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS. Allow Yourself to Succeed!!”

Wow, now that made sense to me. Just that week I was playing with the idea of developing a new training program-Master Trainer Academy. In brief this idea is to take all the wisdom, insights & knowledge I have gleaned from my years of studied and experience as a master trainer and facilitator  and develop it into dynamic on-line training. These programs will help others clarify, hone and package  their message so they can change more lives and create more income with their lightwork.

Yet at that time I was sitting on the fence and wondering should I do it or not. Was it my next step and mission etc. So this leg cramp was designed to wake me up. And it did.  So now I have  ‘Master Trainers Academy’ in the works, my leg no longer throbs & my Zumba classes are pain free.

So my friends what will you do to ‘stop trying to succeed’ How will you ‘ALLOW IN SUCCESS!!’ Let me know.

Love & light

Siobhan & The Angels


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Healing with Zumba by Siobhan Wilcox Image from Wikipedia

I had a powerful experience today. I was taking a Zumba class at the YMCA where I teach yoga.   It was my third time and I am so loving this new form of exercise. The first class I took I struggled to follow all the moves and there had been some resistance within me to return but I really love to dance so I pushed myself to go again today.  However this time I decided to really tune inwards as I was dancing and to observe my points of resistance.

WOW< WOW< WOW!!! This changed my experience and it changed my day and it has probably changed my future too. Because what I noticed was my perfectionist had appeared. That part of me that wanted to leave the class because I wasn’t getting it all ‘RIGHT’

So right there in the middle of class I decided to change my life by changing my reaction to this situation. I made a decision to just ‘NOT CARE’.

  • To not care if I messed up.
  • To not care if I clapped when no-one else did.
  • To not care if I felt clumsy.
  • To not care if I looked clumsy.

And then something inside me shifted and it felt huge. A new energy rushed into my body and I saw the freedom that had come with this release. I began to just move ‘NOT CARING”, if it was the choreographed move or not and I had such fun. My heart opened. I felt excited. I felt energized. And I sweated more then I had at any other exercise class I had ever taken. I wasn’t holding back and wondering what if I get it wrong.

So my friend – what will you do today that frees you from the perfectionist archetype? What will you do today that will allow you to feel fun and excitement rushing through your body? Just pick something, anything and try it! Don’t allow that voice inside you to say, “well someone might see me, and what will they think”. Try dancing in your kitchen or singing in your car or even at the store.  Just take a chance, Free yourself and allow your joy and vitality levels to increase. Then let me know how you do and if you feel inspired pass this onto others so they to can”NOT CARE”.

Let me know how you get on.

Love & light


P.S. Here’s a link to a Zumba class from You Tube – I thought it might inspire you 🙂 http://youtu.be/tm7DyRjtWRc

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