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The Angels have spoken to me before about prosperity & abundance and how to create wealth. They once again want me to talk with you about the imaginery chains that bind so many of us amazing lightworkers and keep us out side of the true flow of money.

It is very simple they say “When you are here to serve you MUST be willing to be paid for your service. You do not go to a grocery store and expect to get food for free or to the bank and expect to get your mortgage for free. Yet many lightworkers feel they can not ask for money for the great gifts that they bring to the world. Do not allow yourself to fall here as you need to be in a place of openness and receiving so that you can serve even more people.”

They went on to tell me -“that if a lightworker chooses to be in a place of lack then they are not truly honoring their full Godself. If they feel that they are not being recognised and appreciated for their gifts then they are just facing in the wrong direction and looking to the wrong audience. They need to turn around and be aware of all the opportunities that are theirs to have. They need to open themselves to all the people that need their wisdom and healing. To all those that need their grace and compassion.

God does not wish you to be in lack. God does not recognise financial sacrifice as an honorable thing as it stops you from being seen, stops you from being heard, stops you from being abundant and ultimately stops you from changing the world with your wisdom.”

Let me know what you think add your comments below 🙂

Wishing love, light, success and of course prosperity in your day

From Siobhan & The Angels

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Don't just spend - Invest your money Image by donbuciak via Flickr

The Angels told me this week that I was viewing money and my finances from the wrong angle.

They said that if I thought that I was spending all my money on groceries, bills, car payments, room rent, clothes, child care,  training & eduction etc. that I would never feel satisfied. I asked them to explain!!

They told me that when I enroll in a training workshop or attend a conference I am ‘INVESTING’ in my self. Investing in my mission and my passions. Investing in my message. On the other hand  if I look at the cost of the seminar as an expense, then I can not create the same amount of wealth from that financial outlay.

So I asked for clarification: “Do you mean that when I use my money to buy good quality food at the grocery store I invest in mine, and my family’s, health and well-being. Or that when I pay my light, heat, water etc I am investing in my life style, my quality of life and my comfort.”

They said “Exactly” and then went on to explain that money you ‘Invest’ in such ways comes back to you TEN FOLD.  However if you consider that you are just spending your money then you will not see the same return on that spend!!

So my friends let me know, what will you “invest” your money in this weekend?

You are loved & all is well

Siobhan and The Angels

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Image by AMagill via Flickr

Do you live in a place of lack or abundance?  The Angels wanted me to look at this today, to expand my thinking around financial balance and the relationship I had with money.
They asked me to look at how I treated money. They said this was important to share with others today. They said to consider money like a relationship. I was curious and asked them to expand on this idea.
The Angels went on to say that money is like a friendship.  Good friendships take time to develop. They require attention, focus, nurturing, gratitude and understanding. So they asked me to consider how I saw money.  Did I take it for granted?, ignore it? or just hope that it would arrive? or did I respect it? show gratitude for what I received and share it with others?
The Angels said that those that stay in a place of lack feel that money has more power then they have.  That in someway they are fearful of not having enough and so they either grip too tightly to the little they have or they ignore it and hope that the money problems will disappear. To be truly empowered you must realize that money is just energy and that money is your friend. That if you empower yourself you can shift your relationship and develop a wonderful abundant and joyful friendship with money.
Love & light

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