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Divine Feminine Exhaustion Siobhan Wilcox Blog Image by Dave McLean (aka damclean) via Flickr

I realized yesterday that I am falling fowl of the great overmothering syndrome. My awareness was brought to it, due to not only my exhaustion, but also how the male energy around me was rebelling. Some were rebelling passively by ignoring me and others by refusing to do anything I asked. My 7 & 9 year olds were turning into teenagers.

So as I analyzed this, the Angels guided me to a place of deep awareness. They told me that on the planet right now the feminine energy is changing. This does not pertain to just women as men also have an aspect of feminine within their beings. The feminine has felt unappreciated, unseen and ignored for a long long time. However now this beautiful divine energy that is within each of us wants to be rebalance and acknowledged.

Some of the symptoms that you maybe a little unbalanced is if you overmother – your kids, your partner, your clients, your friends, your pets. How this can manifest in your life if that you may be feeling unappreciated, or even unseen for your worth. If you overmother then you do not self-care for yourself enough as you are spending all your energy mothering all else around you. Of course the result is exhaustion, frustration, anger and perhaps even sadness.

Self-care is the only answer here. The Angels told me to look after myself. To see who I have been overmothering and to gently send them love and support them so their independence can unfolding. Of course the biggest blessing in this is not just the return of our energy but  also that those around us learn how to self-care for themselves.  As we model for them how it is done we encourage them to do the same for themselves.

Let me know does this resonate with you today.

Love & light

Siobhan & the Angels


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Again my friends as I asked for guidance today on what I should share with you I was asked to continue to talk about gifts and dreams. The Angels really liked this subject they said it expands our consciousness, expands our ability to manifest and brings us closer to God.

They gave me the image of our breath as it comes into the body. They told me that some people shallow breathe for most of their lives not fully filling their lungs  with the life force energy that is available to them. They never feel the full energy that could pulse through their bodies if they chose to breathe deeper.  While others breathe deeply, absorbing all around them, living every moment, seeking every joy filled experience, allowing life in.

As well as the inhalation there is also the exhalation. If we think about our gifts and dreams and how we share them, I feel in a way this is like the exhalation.  How are you going to share your dreams and gifts today? What wonderful things are you going to allow into your life too. Be open, be alive, be in the moment.

Love & light


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