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Divine Feminine Exhaustion Siobhan Wilcox Blog Image by Dave McLean (aka damclean) via Flickr

I realized yesterday that I am falling fowl of the great overmothering syndrome. My awareness was brought to it, due to not only my exhaustion, but also how the male energy around me was rebelling. Some were rebelling passively by ignoring me and others by refusing to do anything I asked. My 7 & 9 year olds were turning into teenagers.

So as I analyzed this, the Angels guided me to a place of deep awareness. They told me that on the planet right now the feminine energy is changing. This does not pertain to just women as men also have an aspect of feminine within their beings. The feminine has felt unappreciated, unseen and ignored for a long long time. However now this beautiful divine energy that is within each of us wants to be rebalance and acknowledged.

Some of the symptoms that you maybe a little unbalanced is if you overmother – your kids, your partner, your clients, your friends, your pets. How this can manifest in your life if that you may be feeling unappreciated, or even unseen for your worth. If you overmother then you do not self-care for yourself enough as you are spending all your energy mothering all else around you. Of course the result is exhaustion, frustration, anger and perhaps even sadness.

Self-care is the only answer here. The Angels told me to look after myself. To see who I have been overmothering and to gently send them love and support them so their independence can unfolding. Of course the biggest blessing in this is not just the return of our energy but  also that those around us learn how to self-care for themselves.  As we model for them how it is done we encourage them to do the same for themselves.

Let me know does this resonate with you today.

Love & light

Siobhan & the Angels


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Crashing waves over sunset

I decided to take time out today to bring my dog to the beach. It is one of my favorite places to go. I always feel energized and uplifted there. I love the crashing waves, the sea breeze and racing with my dog up and down the water’s edge. I also get a lot of messages from the Angels whenever I go so I always bring my recorder in case of a special message. Often the messages move through me quickly and if I don’t take note of them in someway I will  forgot all the details  by the time I get back to the car.

So today as I walked my beloved canine pal “Sugar”, I got a message from the Angels about how the language we use can either create fear or help us avoid fear altogether.

They said the words “What if” can bring fear to our being and lowers our vibration.  They began to give me examples that they say we often use in our language and in our internal self-talk.

“What if I am not good enough.

What if I make a mistake.

What if I make the wrong decision.

What if, what if, what if!!!!”

Of coursed I recognized these two little ‘What If’, who doesn’t! The Angels reminded me of how I had begun to create stress in my body as I had allowed fear to creep into the arrangements of my husbands birthday party just the week previously. They reminded me of the language I had used –

“What if I don’t have enough food! What if I have forgotten to ask someone. What if it rains! What if no-one comes! What if someone spills red wine on the white carpet!” etc…

I had been aware during the week of how stressed I was becoming.  I was often over sensitive to my beloved questions about the party arrangements and snappy with him.  I needed to work extra hard to maintain my balance with yoga, breathe work, alone time, mantras and chanting. However I had not been fully aware, at the time, of the two deadly words “What If” that had been feeding the stress by creating the fear.

So as I walked today I asked the Angels what other words I could have used. They suggested “I wonder”. They asked me to substitute these two little words and to see how different my body reacted. So I did

“I wonder if I don’t have enough food, what will I do? -order pizza 🙂

I wonder if I have forgotten to ask someone, how would that be?   -invite them over for dinner another night 🙂

I wonder if it rains, what will I do? -get a bouncy castle with a roof & set up extra chairs indoors

I wonder if no-one comes how will I react?  – they will come!

I wonder if someone spills red wine on the white carpet how will I deal with that? – buy a carpet stain remover & get the carpets cleaned the next day! ”

This experience was very different. Instead of stress in my body I felt relaxed and empowered. Try it next time you hear those two little words appear in your negative internal or external talk “What If” and shift to “I Wonder”

You are loved & all is Well

Siobhan & the Angels

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Ancient Book

Image by Richard Scott 33 via Flickr

The Angels were excited to share with me today what happens as we approach our deaths. Strange huh!! They told me that an ‘Angelic Recorder Keeper’ comes forward from the etheric to work with us to create a Life Review.

This Life Review literally goes through all the aspects of our life and our past experiences in that life time. We look at all of our achievements, our moments of consciousness,  joy, generosity, bravery, compassion, our moments of union with God and of unconditional love. The other side of this is, of course, the moments that we may not be so happy to review but which are just as important. The most incredible thing the Angels told me is that it is not God who decides which not so positive moments to review. Our higher selves identifies the moments where we ran guilt, the moments we disconnected from God, the moments we felt lack and limitation, the moments we were outside of Oneness.

The Angels are encouraging us to begin our Life Review today. They said we do not need to wait until our passing over to gain these insights into our growth and evolution. They are encouraging us to empower ourselves now. To look at the patterns we are running which are holding us outside of oneness and to consciously and gracefully dissolve them as we notice them arise again..

We are in a very exciting and intense time on this planet. Everything that is holding us back is wanting attention NOW. All the fear, pain, guilt, outdated programs are all up to be looked at. So the Angels are asking us to call on them for support and to begin by making a list of all our highest moments. Then they want us to read them until we truly recognize and honor our true essence and sense our vibration rise. When we are here then we can begin to look at the other side of the coin. They want us to offer compassion to ourselves and begin to dissolve all the lower vibrational moments.

You are loved and all is well. We have the support of the Angelic Realm on our side.

Love & light


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