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I was talking to the Angels today about my latest business- Market Your Wisdom.  My biggest mission work yet.

It has grown organically from my passion for my Divine Mission Coaching. Over the last year in particular more and more incredible lighworkers have been coming to me for sessions. As these sessions unfold the over-lighting theme is that it is now time to be on mission and that more and more people are awakening to this fact.

Of course as more awaken, there is a question I keep hearing – ‘So how do I get my message out into the world?’

Honestly this question really excites me. I have a background in marketing, training & video production. So when I get asked this question in a session I become a motor mouth. I often get a slightly confused look from my clients – they know me as ‘The Angelic Messenger’ – few realize that I have a diploma in small business management & marketing, that I am a master training, that I founded a successful training & consultancy business in Ireland, that I studied communications & media production in college, that I have worked in audio/visual & marketing for over 10 years & that I even won an award for video production. So when they ask me that simple question they often get more then they were expecting.

However I am not the only one who gets very excited by this question. The Angels also do, because they see another wonderful lightbeing getting passionate about sharing their message and being in service.

Over the years of working with messengers I have realized that we all wish to change the world. We want to make a difference, heal others, transform lives and be seen.  So to complement my Divine Mission sessions the Angels have been asking me to package everything I know about building a successful business. They have asked me to begin officially coaching messengers on business, marketing, training development & promotion.

So under their strict supervision I have developed a FREE three part Marketing Training, – ‘Market Your Wisdom Insight Series’. Designed specifically for messengers just like you.

It’s purpose is  to help you as a Messenger Align with your Mission, Harness your Wisdom and Learn how to Package it.

Register Today So You Can Begin Changing the World – CLICK HERE NOW! Or visit my NEW Website http://www.MarketYourWisdom.com

I hope you enjoy it, I feel it is powerful & informative. I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Much Love & light

Siobhan & The Angels


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Don't just spend - Invest your money Image by donbuciak via Flickr

The Angels told me this week that I was viewing money and my finances from the wrong angle.

They said that if I thought that I was spending all my money on groceries, bills, car payments, room rent, clothes, child care,  training & eduction etc. that I would never feel satisfied. I asked them to explain!!

They told me that when I enroll in a training workshop or attend a conference I am ‘INVESTING’ in my self. Investing in my mission and my passions. Investing in my message. On the other hand  if I look at the cost of the seminar as an expense, then I can not create the same amount of wealth from that financial outlay.

So I asked for clarification: “Do you mean that when I use my money to buy good quality food at the grocery store I invest in mine, and my family’s, health and well-being. Or that when I pay my light, heat, water etc I am investing in my life style, my quality of life and my comfort.”

They said “Exactly” and then went on to explain that money you ‘Invest’ in such ways comes back to you TEN FOLD.  However if you consider that you are just spending your money then you will not see the same return on that spend!!

So my friends let me know, what will you “invest” your money in this weekend?

You are loved & all is well

Siobhan and The Angels

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Flower of Life

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Today I have been reminded about the power of the symbol of the Flower of life. This interwoven blending of what appears to be flower petals within circles within a circle has been found in many ancient religions and at scared sites.

Over 14years ago I studied the Flower of Life workshop created by Drunvalo Melchizedek learning how to activate my living Merkaba.  At the time this workshop and new practice of meditation changed my life. It expanded my consciousness by re-introducing me to the Ancient Mystery School techniques.

The symbol of the Flower of Life struck me as very powerful and recently it has reappeared in my life. I was guided by the Angels back to the Garden of Eden, back to the time when Oneness was all that was. Here I saw this symbol surrounding each of us, it was a living breathing grid which was the essence of Oneness.

I feel it again now, I feel it growing in my heart space and in my mind. I see it surrounding me once more reactivating Oneness. Allowing itself to be available for those that wish to chose it.

So ask your angels for guidance and see if it is for your highest good. If it is then take some time to allow the Flower of Life symbol into your heart and into your mind.  Allow it to surround you completely protecting and nurturing you. You are loved & all is well!

Siobhan & the Angels

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The Angels wanted me to share information today.

They wanted me to ask – Have you created your 2011 yet?

They want us to seriously consider what it is that we wish to create for the coming year!  They said they are ready to support us, as are the animal kingdom, the Devic realm, the crystals & minerals. So before we sit and write our list, it would be of great benefit to call them all in, to consciously ask for the support of Source Energy and the Divine Feminine and to surround ourselves with light, with peace, with healing and with love. And once all is set in place to spend time in a relaxed environment CREATING!!

Here is a list the Angels wish us to consider:-

girl, writing

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  • What brings us Joy?
  • Where do our Passions lie?
  • What are our Gifts?
  • What do we wish to Share with others?
  • How would it feel to be prosperous?
  • What would prosperity look like to us? (they ask us to be very specific)
  • What is it that we wish to create for 2011 and beyond?

They said there are Angelic Record Keepers standing by to work with us. To help us record on the etheric that which we wish to create. So take 15mins today to create your future. The Angelic Realm is standing by to support you.

Let me know how you get on and any insights you get.

You are loved & all is well

from Siobhan and the Angels

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