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The Angels have spoken to me before about prosperity & abundance and how to create wealth. They once again want me to talk with you about the imaginery chains that bind so many of us amazing lightworkers and keep us out side of the true flow of money.

It is very simple they say “When you are here to serve you MUST be willing to be paid for your service. You do not go to a grocery store and expect to get food for free or to the bank and expect to get your mortgage for free. Yet many lightworkers feel they can not ask for money for the great gifts that they bring to the world. Do not allow yourself to fall here as you need to be in a place of openness and receiving so that you can serve even more people.”

They went on to tell me -“that if a lightworker chooses to be in a place of lack then they are not truly honoring their full Godself. If they feel that they are not being recognised and appreciated for their gifts then they are just facing in the wrong direction and looking to the wrong audience. They need to turn around and be aware of all the opportunities that are theirs to have. They need to open themselves to all the people that need their wisdom and healing. To all those that need their grace and compassion.

God does not wish you to be in lack. God does not recognise financial sacrifice as an honorable thing as it stops you from being seen, stops you from being heard, stops you from being abundant and ultimately stops you from changing the world with your wisdom.”

Let me know what you think add your comments below 🙂

Wishing love, light, success and of course prosperity in your day

From Siobhan & The Angels

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I had to share this information as we are all interested in increasing our Wealth and Abundance. The Angels are excited that we all understand the power of placement and the sacred art of Feng Shui. So here is an article from Master Teacher Amanda Collins on the Secret of Attracting Wealth. Enjoy. – Siobhan & The Angels

Feng Shui Secrets for Attracting Wealth by Amanda Collins

Our surroundings have a powerful effect on what we attract into our lives. When the energy around us is blocked or unbalanced, our prosperity, health, and relationships can be adversely affected. Feng Shui improvements unblock the flow of positive energy, remove negative influences, and allow you to attract the prosperity and abundance you deserve.


Our Deepest Fear

By Marianne Williamson


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

Your playing small does not serve the world.


There is nothing enlightened about shrinking

So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were all meant to shine, as children do.

It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.


And as we let our own light shine,

We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same

As we are liberated from our own fear,

Our presence automatically liberates others.

One of the most important principals of Feng Shui is clearing clutter

Throwing out junk and getting rid of things like excess paper, empty boxes, and broken items can go a long way toward energizing your home for prosperity.

Feng shui Luopan compass

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This includes

Your car, Your purse, Your garage, The computer inbox, Your desk top

Have rounded corners in your furniture

Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs. If your rooms are dark so is your financial future; replace burned out bulbs and brighten your possibilities to attract wealth.



Clean you’re Windows. Windows are the eyes of your home; dirty windows cloud vision but clean windows represent a clear view of the opportunities.


No cracks in the windows this is our view out in the world

Remove Dead Plants. Dead plants symbolize dead energy; replace them with healthy living plants to grow wealth in your life.



Replace Your Desk Chair. If you sit on a broken, stained, or torn desk chair it represents disregard for your work; get a new chair and improve your career outlook.



Repair Broken Mirrors. If you look at a broken mirror you can’t see things smoothly; remove or replace it to reflect a smooth road to prosperity.


Tighten Lose Door Knobs and Handles. If your handles are loose you cannot get a grip on your money: tighten them and wealth will be within you grasped.



The South East Area is associated as the wealth area of your home

  • Display your valuable objects in this room to symbolize wealth, such as crystal, valuable collections, fine art.
  • Add healthy plants in beautiful pots to symbolize flourishing wealth. If you plants die, replace them immediately with healthy ones to keep your wealth growing.
  • Place a picture of statue of Lakshmi the Hindu goddess of wealth in the SE area

.Front Entrance

  • Grow red or purple flowers in red ceramic planters during the growing season, since plants and flowers represent abundance.
  • Hang a wind chime, flag, or bird feeder to attract chi to your home.

  • Clean you’re Front Door. The front door is where all good energy enters your home; a clean door attracts prosperity while a dirty or faded door repels it.


The Kitchen

  • Is your kitchen in the prosperity place?  Food is associated with wealth in Feng Shui, so display a bowl of oranges or apples on the counter to symbolize prosperity.
  • Keep the kitchen scrupulously clean.
  • The kitchen is related with the prosperity area of the home very important to clear the clutter
  • This includes old, stale foods in the cupboards and refrigerator. It’s also important not to have an excess of stored food, even in the freezer. To encourage prosperity, you have to have room to grow. 
  • To double prosperity, a mirror or reflective aluminum, may be placed at the back of the stove. This also allows the cook to be in a position to see what is going on behind his/her back thus keeping them in a position of command. It’s particularly important to the honor the cook since they bring chi to the food we eat.


  • Do use your oven, an unused stove implies untapped resources or ignored opportunities.


  • The stove should be in good operating order; it’s as reflection of what is going on in your life


Dining Room

  • Food and guests are associated with wealth.
  • Hang a mirror that reflects your dining room table and you will symbolically double your wealth. Keep valuable items like crystal, silver, and china in the room to represent the continuing accumulation of wealth.



The Bathroom

  • If you bathroom is located in the center of the home to keep prosperity inside your house the Remedy is Paint the walls red, and place a stone or other earth-type object Place a full-length mirror on the entrance door.
  • Keep toilet lids down we don’t want money leaking down the toilet.
  • Keep all plumbing in excellent working order. A dripping faucet is your money dripping away.
  • Cover all drains to keep the money in your possession. You do not want to accumulate wealth and watch as it drains away.
  • Keep bathroom doors closed and have them sparkle.
  • add a red object to represent the Fire Element or a brown object to represent the Earth Element and symbolically “dry up” the excess water.


Your office

Desk positioning & Elements

Set up Your Desk in your Power Position:

  • Clear sight of the door, what do you see when you look up from your desk
  • Wall at your back.
  • See who is entering, security and protection keeps the area in front of the desk clear,
  • Avoid placing your desk beside or directly opposite the door. The direct path of the energy flow.
  • Avoid situating the desk so that you are facing a wall. The wall acts as a barrier and is confining. If this can not be avoided place a mirror so you can see what going on
  • Hang a mountain picture behind your back to give yourself stability and strength.
  • If this is not possible, you can restore good Feng Shui by arranging a mirror that gives you a clear view of the door.
  • A high-backed black chair indicates power
  • Always have items that allow you to feel comfortable around you
  • A good combination glare screen/radiation filter to prevent headaches and eyestrain, a comfortable chair that doesn’t squeak comfortable keyboard and arm position, a mouse that fits your hand etc
  • Make inviting to come into., Welcoming in good experiences
  • Plants: improve the quality clean air, vibrant, no cactus, or dried flowers
  • Water: soothing symbolizes opportunity and abundance, moving make sure you love the sounds
  • Fire, Light candle, or place a salt lamp
  • Rug in the center of your office with earth tones to ground the space


  • If you don’t have a view outside from where you sit, hang a plant or a picture of a plant in your line of view to bring the outdoors inside for a calming effect.

Create energy flow: Enter into your home and ask yourself the following questions

  • What gets in your way?
  • Where do you flow smoothly?
  • Are any areas blocked off from you?
  • Are you able to open all the doors fully?
  • Are there large piles of clutter?
  • Repair broken items

    broken energy comes from, well, broken things.

  • If it is broken, cracked, chipped and can not be repaired let it go
  • If your dishes are chipped, you are eating off of broken energy.
  • Keep your clothes, your home, your car and your doors in good working order. What’s broken that is draining your energy?


  • Energize your finances

    Get a red wallet and checkbook,

  • Put your investment and banking account information and statements in red folders,
  • Put bills into blue or black folders so they aren’t energized.


Get a red purse or wallet. It attracts money

  • What’s in your wallet?
  • Old scraps of paper, credit cards for accounts you closed two year ago or for accounts you never use?  Remove them
  • Don’t have an old torn wallet invest in a new one.
  • Be sure your wallet is clean, neat, and organized.


Filing systems for abundance

  • Put bills in blue folders
  • Put clients in green folder
  • Put prospective clients in red folders
  • Put things you would like to manifest in purple folders



  • Do you Believe you deserve Do you believe you can be wealthy and prosperous?
  • Do you think you deserve it?
  • Do you really FEEL that way or are you just intellectualizing it?
  • It’s so important that you believe you are worthy of being a prosperous person, someone who doesn’t just make a living, but makes a life with the money you earn.
  • Observe your thoughts about wealth and money and see if it’s really not you who is standing in the way of money.


  • Affirmations to attract Prosperity

    I deserve to be prosperous and wealthy

  • Money flows easily to me
  • Wealth enables me to more fully express my creative potential
  • Expressing my creativity allows me to be wealthy
  • Money and prosperity help me to help others
  • The more I give, the more I receive
  • I enjoy being paid for doing what I enjoy
  • I am willing to receive money for my pleasure
  • I am willing to allow my life to be fun and easy
  • I am a trust fund baby of the universe
  • I am a magnet to money


Create a vision Board showing all your abundance for 2011


Write an affirmation on your abundance for 2011 and place in the South East area of your home

Balance your checkbook regularly and pay your bills on time. Put your checkbook in an attractive cover choose green, purple, red, blue, or black

Live generously. Money is a form of energy, and it needs to flow through your life, not just into it. Living generously within your means makes space for even greater abundance. If you don’t yet have ample money to share, give as generously as you can of your time, energy, compassion, and appreciation.

Express your gratitude The more you notice, appreciate, and express gratitude for blessings received, no matter how small, the more good things will come your way, including money.


Charging Money for blessings and abundance:

Place the bill, check or credit card in your right hand.

Connect to the Universal Source of Manifestation.

Imagine the energy is entering through your crown and down the right arm into the money

Now, place the money in your left hand

Connect to the Universal source of Love

Imagine the energy is entering through your crown and down the left arm into the money

Now place your hands together with the money in the middle

You are imbuing it with the joint attributes of love and manifestation

Everyone who touches this money will receive the blessing and you will receive it back 10 fold

Feng Shui for Wealth By Amanda Collins


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Image by AMagill via Flickr

Do you live in a place of lack or abundance?  The Angels wanted me to look at this today, to expand my thinking around financial balance and the relationship I had with money.
They asked me to look at how I treated money. They said this was important to share with others today. They said to consider money like a relationship. I was curious and asked them to expand on this idea.
The Angels went on to say that money is like a friendship.  Good friendships take time to develop. They require attention, focus, nurturing, gratitude and understanding. So they asked me to consider how I saw money.  Did I take it for granted?, ignore it? or just hope that it would arrive? or did I respect it? show gratitude for what I received and share it with others?
The Angels said that those that stay in a place of lack feel that money has more power then they have.  That in someway they are fearful of not having enough and so they either grip too tightly to the little they have or they ignore it and hope that the money problems will disappear. To be truly empowered you must realize that money is just energy and that money is your friend. That if you empower yourself you can shift your relationship and develop a wonderful abundant and joyful friendship with money.
Love & light

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Tap Til You're Tuckered

Image by Miss Millificent via Flickr

Last week I dramatically slammed into the edge of my comfort zone and broke through it.  I had mentioned before that I had always wanted to take tap dancing as a child and so the angels had been pushing me to join a class.

I had believed the class to be a pure beginners’ class. Well unfortunately or fortunately as it turned out, I was wrong. I was the only newbie. I was surrounded by pros and the teacher wasn’t slowing down just because I had put on my tap shoes for the first time only an hour before hand. Yikes! This would be a challenge!

Initially I was feeling successful as I did the warm ups.  My feet and brain connection wasn’t perfect but I was keeping up and enjoying myself. However as the class progressed the basic warm up movements morphed into a much more complicated series of steps for a Christmas show we seemingly have to put on.

Now I was feeling stressed and really struggling to keep up. Where was the joy in tap classes that I had come to connect with. I felt angry and frustrated, I almost left the class at one point. However as I observed my mind body connection I was fascinated at what was occurring. I had left my body, I became numb and disconnected from the dance routine. Honestly I may even have stopped dancing at one point.

Later I sat and thought about this reaction. It had been a long time since I had pushed my comfort zone and tried something new. I asked the Angels for some guidance on what had happened. They were excited to share with me.

They told me that it was so important that I go back to class and that I practice the tap moves. They wanted me to be in a place of challenge and feeling uncomfortable, because this would bring me great growth. Stagnation brings no growth. Movement, change, challenges expand our consciousness they told me.

They asked me to focus on staying in my body at the next class.  To stay present so that I could truly experience what I was feeling.  Even if it felt uncomfortable it would result in me being able to hear the underlying thoughts that were creating blockages in my life. They explained that the thoughts that were running while I was in tap were the same ones that ran that were holding me back from expanding to the next level of consciousness.

So my friends what will you chose to do that will push you outside your comfort zone?

Love & Light


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When spending the time exploring what brought me joy as I child I also remembered pieces I had always dreamed about however never been able to achieve. For example I had always wanted to tap dance.  I would spend many hours tap dancing  on the hearth of the fireplace at home as I was watching  Fred & Ginger movies. I love to feel the movement, the sound, the excitement as it build in the routines. And I had always wanted to take tap lessons but never got to. However when I tap into that energy I can still feel it’s excitement and the expansion.

To bring me back to this energy the Angels have guided me to take tap dancing and fulfill my dream. Tonight I am enrolling in beginning adult tap at our local rec center. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. However the over riding feeling is expansion and I feel even if I discover I have two left feet it will be an amazing experience.

My wise 9yr old said recently. “Mom you know when I really want something I think about it and imagine I already have it. I see all the possibilities of how I will  play with it and the fun I will have with it and it feels great”

Needless to say my 9 yr old has an amazing ability to manifest what he needs. For example we went to the beach one day and he saw a family flying kites. He loves kites and his last one had broken and not been replaced. He had asked me to buy him one at the local store and I had told him if he saved his pocket money that he could buy on in a couple of weeks time. Off he went and within 10 mins he is flying one lent to him by the family.  By the end of the day my son now owns this  kite it was given to him as a thank you for helping them save one of their larger kites. He later told me he had made that happen by creating it in his mind and wishing to have one.

This is not a once off experience for him he creates in this way all the time. He uses his ability to consciously dream and pulls his dreams into his reality.

What will you consciously dream about today? Ask the angels to guide you and work with you and support you with bringing your dreams to fruition.

Love & light


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