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Healing with Zumba by Siobhan Wilcox Image from Wikipedia

I had a powerful experience today. I was taking a Zumba class at the YMCA where I teach yoga.   It was my third time and I am so loving this new form of exercise. The first class I took I struggled to follow all the moves and there had been some resistance within me to return but I really love to dance so I pushed myself to go again today.  However this time I decided to really tune inwards as I was dancing and to observe my points of resistance.

WOW< WOW< WOW!!! This changed my experience and it changed my day and it has probably changed my future too. Because what I noticed was my perfectionist had appeared. That part of me that wanted to leave the class because I wasn’t getting it all ‘RIGHT’

So right there in the middle of class I decided to change my life by changing my reaction to this situation. I made a decision to just ‘NOT CARE’.

  • To not care if I messed up.
  • To not care if I clapped when no-one else did.
  • To not care if I felt clumsy.
  • To not care if I looked clumsy.

And then something inside me shifted and it felt huge. A new energy rushed into my body and I saw the freedom that had come with this release. I began to just move ‘NOT CARING”, if it was the choreographed move or not and I had such fun. My heart opened. I felt excited. I felt energized. And I sweated more then I had at any other exercise class I had ever taken. I wasn’t holding back and wondering what if I get it wrong.

So my friend – what will you do today that frees you from the perfectionist archetype? What will you do today that will allow you to feel fun and excitement rushing through your body? Just pick something, anything and try it! Don’t allow that voice inside you to say, “well someone might see me, and what will they think”. Try dancing in your kitchen or singing in your car or even at the store.  Just take a chance, Free yourself and allow your joy and vitality levels to increase. Then let me know how you do and if you feel inspired pass this onto others so they to can”NOT CARE”.

Let me know how you get on.

Love & light


P.S. Here’s a link to a Zumba class from You Tube – I thought it might inspire you 🙂 http://youtu.be/tm7DyRjtWRc


Don't just spend - Invest your money Image by donbuciak via Flickr

The Angels told me this week that I was viewing money and my finances from the wrong angle.

They said that if I thought that I was spending all my money on groceries, bills, car payments, room rent, clothes, child care,  training & eduction etc. that I would never feel satisfied. I asked them to explain!!

They told me that when I enroll in a training workshop or attend a conference I am ‘INVESTING’ in my self. Investing in my mission and my passions. Investing in my message. On the other hand  if I look at the cost of the seminar as an expense, then I can not create the same amount of wealth from that financial outlay.

So I asked for clarification: “Do you mean that when I use my money to buy good quality food at the grocery store I invest in mine, and my family’s, health and well-being. Or that when I pay my light, heat, water etc I am investing in my life style, my quality of life and my comfort.”

They said “Exactly” and then went on to explain that money you ‘Invest’ in such ways comes back to you TEN FOLD.  However if you consider that you are just spending your money then you will not see the same return on that spend!!

So my friends let me know, what will you “invest” your money in this weekend?

You are loved & all is well

Siobhan and The Angels

Flower of Life

Image via Wikipedia

Dear Light beings

I am excited to share this blog with you from author & master teacher Ellen Kaufman Dosick. It is a powerful message and I feel an important one. If you read my last blog on the Flower of Life.  I spoke about how we can now  access this ancient symbol and other scared geometry to assist us in our evolution. This shift that Ellen writes about in this post is the reason we now can become more empowered. I hope you enjoy reading it. All is interconnected within our world. It is my belief that nothing is a coincidence & all is cosmically interwoven just as within the Flower of Life itself.

love & light


“Can you feel the quickening evolution, the rising vibrations, the growing Light??  You are in the midst of the most rapid shifting in the history of your world. And it began in a big way toward the ending of your solar year 2010, when more than 50% of you made the decision to choose the way of Oneness Consciousness.  With that choice, the 18 Cosmic Laws had to begin changing as well.

The first Cosmic Law to change was the Law having to do with abundance.  Up until the end of 2010, it was always the strongest and the smartest who controlled the resources — if you were strong enough to grab the goodies, and smart enough to hold onto them, they were yours, and you didn’t have to share.  With the coming of the New Year, a great shift began to take place, in which resources would no longer go to the strong/smart, but would be available instead, to those choosing Oneness Consciousness — because of course, those in Oneness Consciousness will know to share the resources with all, so that everyone eventually will have enough.

So many of you have been asking now, “Where are the resources?” If the Cosmic Law shifted, why haven’t you felt the benefits?  Where is the abundance?

Just as Fear is the polar opposite of Love, so Sacrifice is the polar opposite of Abundance. Abundance cannot come through so long as you hold onto a notion of sacrifice.  Sacrifice is always about lack, about not-enough.  So long as you hold sacrifice as a noble pursuit, there can be no abundance.  Think about it — the notion of Sacrifice in Fifth Dimensional Oneness Consciousness doesn’t even make sense, it is a moot point.  You are deeply awash in 5-D.   It is time to let go of the nobility of sacrifice.

And so, over this last period of time, great work was taken on and accomplished by a few, to release the notion of Sacrifice from the operating systems of Humankind.

It was a vast work, and TODAY, May 3rd, Sacrifice is released, and without Sacrifice, there is a great energetic Opening — for Abundance.

It is an Opening.  That means you need to take the active steps to move through that Opening, to put yourselves into the flow of Abundance.  And we wish to tell you that the celebration is not in in the receiving, but in the sharing.

To find out about all of this, be sure to pick up a copy of the April edition of the Cosmic Times, due out next week.  To subscribe, please CLICK HERE. Until we talk again,”

Much Love to You!



Flower of Life

Image via Wikipedia

Today I have been reminded about the power of the symbol of the Flower of life. This interwoven blending of what appears to be flower petals within circles within a circle has been found in many ancient religions and at scared sites.

Over 14years ago I studied the Flower of Life workshop created by Drunvalo Melchizedek learning how to activate my living Merkaba.  At the time this workshop and new practice of meditation changed my life. It expanded my consciousness by re-introducing me to the Ancient Mystery School techniques.

The symbol of the Flower of Life struck me as very powerful and recently it has reappeared in my life. I was guided by the Angels back to the Garden of Eden, back to the time when Oneness was all that was. Here I saw this symbol surrounding each of us, it was a living breathing grid which was the essence of Oneness.

I feel it again now, I feel it growing in my heart space and in my mind. I see it surrounding me once more reactivating Oneness. Allowing itself to be available for those that wish to chose it.

So ask your angels for guidance and see if it is for your highest good. If it is then take some time to allow the Flower of Life symbol into your heart and into your mind.  Allow it to surround you completely protecting and nurturing you. You are loved & all is well!

Siobhan & the Angels

Crashing waves over sunset

I decided to take time out today to bring my dog to the beach. It is one of my favorite places to go. I always feel energized and uplifted there. I love the crashing waves, the sea breeze and racing with my dog up and down the water’s edge. I also get a lot of messages from the Angels whenever I go so I always bring my recorder in case of a special message. Often the messages move through me quickly and if I don’t take note of them in someway I will  forgot all the details  by the time I get back to the car.

So today as I walked my beloved canine pal “Sugar”, I got a message from the Angels about how the language we use can either create fear or help us avoid fear altogether.

They said the words “What if” can bring fear to our being and lowers our vibration.  They began to give me examples that they say we often use in our language and in our internal self-talk.

“What if I am not good enough.

What if I make a mistake.

What if I make the wrong decision.

What if, what if, what if!!!!”

Of coursed I recognized these two little ‘What If’, who doesn’t! The Angels reminded me of how I had begun to create stress in my body as I had allowed fear to creep into the arrangements of my husbands birthday party just the week previously. They reminded me of the language I had used –

“What if I don’t have enough food! What if I have forgotten to ask someone. What if it rains! What if no-one comes! What if someone spills red wine on the white carpet!” etc…

I had been aware during the week of how stressed I was becoming.  I was often over sensitive to my beloved questions about the party arrangements and snappy with him.  I needed to work extra hard to maintain my balance with yoga, breathe work, alone time, mantras and chanting. However I had not been fully aware, at the time, of the two deadly words “What If” that had been feeding the stress by creating the fear.

So as I walked today I asked the Angels what other words I could have used. They suggested “I wonder”. They asked me to substitute these two little words and to see how different my body reacted. So I did

“I wonder if I don’t have enough food, what will I do? -order pizza 🙂

I wonder if I have forgotten to ask someone, how would that be?   -invite them over for dinner another night 🙂

I wonder if it rains, what will I do? -get a bouncy castle with a roof & set up extra chairs indoors

I wonder if no-one comes how will I react?  – they will come!

I wonder if someone spills red wine on the white carpet how will I deal with that? – buy a carpet stain remover & get the carpets cleaned the next day! ”

This experience was very different. Instead of stress in my body I felt relaxed and empowered. Try it next time you hear those two little words appear in your negative internal or external talk “What If” and shift to “I Wonder”

You are loved & all is Well

Siobhan & the Angels

I wanna hold your hand

Image by Josep Ma. Rosell via Flickr

The Angels wanted me to talk to you today about this magnificent word LIGHTWORKER!!

They serve by bringing their light forward and shining it brightly for all to see. The Angels told me that Light is also a word for ‘Gifts that Heal’. Yet healing does not come just from hands on healing, it comes from kind, strong words, from a smile or kind gesture, from a soft touch or helping hand. When you are a lightworker you serve in all areas of your life. You are always in service.

So the Angels asked us to consider this today.

  • How do we Serve?
  • What are our Gifts?
  • How can we share them more?

They told me that  when we use our gifts it expands our energy levels and increases our joy levels. It gives us forward movement. It increases our capacity to be in the ‘Light’ and to be seen as the ‘Light’.

So let me know how will you share your gifts today?!

You are loved & all is well

From Siobhan & The Angels