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The Angels have spoken to me before about prosperity & abundance and how to create wealth. They once again want me to talk with you about the imaginery chains that bind so many of us amazing lightworkers and keep us out side of the true flow of money.

It is very simple they say “When you are here to serve you MUST be willing to be paid for your service. You do not go to a grocery store and expect to get food for free or to the bank and expect to get your mortgage for free. Yet many lightworkers feel they can not ask for money for the great gifts that they bring to the world. Do not allow yourself to fall here as you need to be in a place of openness and receiving so that you can serve even more people.”

They went on to tell me -“that if a lightworker chooses to be in a place of lack then they are not truly honoring their full Godself. If they feel that they are not being recognised and appreciated for their gifts then they are just facing in the wrong direction and looking to the wrong audience. They need to turn around and be aware of all the opportunities that are theirs to have. They need to open themselves to all the people that need their wisdom and healing. To all those that need their grace and compassion.

God does not wish you to be in lack. God does not recognise financial sacrifice as an honorable thing as it stops you from being seen, stops you from being heard, stops you from being abundant and ultimately stops you from changing the world with your wisdom.”

Let me know what you think add your comments below 🙂

Wishing love, light, success and of course prosperity in your day

From Siobhan & The Angels

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Today was a typical day for me. I spent most of the day in the office.  I was reminded today as I worked how whenever I go to a training workshop or to a networking group, my friends & colleagues always comment on my productivity.  I get comments like:

  • ‘How are you so productive?’
  • ‘How do you fit so much into your day?’
  • ‘How do you balance it all’

Most say they find it inspiring, some say they get tired just seeing everything I produce.

Let me tell you that I am not only a small business owner but I am also a mom of two young boys, one with special needs and my life is very busy just driving to schools, camps & therapy sessions.

However just today I managed to create the following:

  • I  bought a new domain name (market your wisdom.com)
  • I designed a new website (check it out I am very proud of it http:www.MarketYourWisdom.com),
  • I wrote & created the Ad copy for a new workshop I have coming up in Aug – A Two Day Dynamic Marketing Workshop Click Here to Find Out More
  • I created a new subscription  form for my new website,
  • I created the follow-up Thank Your Page,
  • I wrote an article entitled Five Free Marketing Tools To Increase Your On-line Presence! (I will be sending it out soon to subscribers)
  • I created and sent an E-Newsletter inviting people to my training,
  • I booked a room for my event & handled travel details for another training,
  • I updated my YouTube Channel,
  • I checked my social media,
  • I answered important emails,
  • I chatted with my friends,
  • I also cooked dinner, did the laundry, walked the dog, cleaned the kitchen, played with my son, took some on-line training, did an hour of Zumba at the gym –  oh and wrote this blog.  And all in a regular day.

And no I wasn’t warping time with a futuristic time machine or taking some strange energy enhancing drug, I didn’t even have a cup of coffee.  However I was being conscious about how I spent my energy and on where I put my focus. I also communicated with my Angels throughout the day letting them help me line up energy.

Over 12 years ago I had a very successful company in Ireland SMPG Training & Consultancy. One of my most popular products was a  training and coaching program I ran for executives & business teams on how to increase  personal effectiveness &  manage time.

So years later I still apply the strategies I taught so many years ago, and these are the very tools that help me be so productive.

  • The key is being in the moment, being conscious,
  • Being very clear on what you wish to focus upon,
  • Getting very clear on your priorities,
  • Allowing the energy to line up for all the projects you wish to create and complete,
  • Learning to maintaining your energy levels,
  • Nurturing yourself when you feel your energy is waning rather then pushing yourself into the ground to complete a task. I frequently take breaks- chat to a beloved friend or family member, do a few yoga poses, sit in my garden or walk my dog. All these allow me to stay balanced and keep my energy high.

I hope you found this helpful.  I have found these strategies have been crucial in my success and even more importantly my overall happiness and balance in life.

Wishing you love & light in your day

Siobhan & the Angels

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Happy Fathers Day everyone. I thought I’d share these two videos with you- one to make you laugh and one to inspire you!

This is a funny called Wholefoods parking lot

This is an inspirational one from my home town Dublin in Ireland (it made me a little home sick as you can hear all the Irish Accents in the background and of course I miss my Dad today as he is in Dublin & I am in San Diego). However this video is incredible shot at Dublin Zoo. It is of an Orangutan saving a baby chick with a leaf


Enjoy and share them with you Dads and those you love.


Love & light


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Healing with Zumba by Siobhan Wilcox Image from Wikipedia

I had a powerful experience today. I was taking a Zumba class at the YMCA where I teach yoga.   It was my third time and I am so loving this new form of exercise. The first class I took I struggled to follow all the moves and there had been some resistance within me to return but I really love to dance so I pushed myself to go again today.  However this time I decided to really tune inwards as I was dancing and to observe my points of resistance.

WOW< WOW< WOW!!! This changed my experience and it changed my day and it has probably changed my future too. Because what I noticed was my perfectionist had appeared. That part of me that wanted to leave the class because I wasn’t getting it all ‘RIGHT’

So right there in the middle of class I decided to change my life by changing my reaction to this situation. I made a decision to just ‘NOT CARE’.

  • To not care if I messed up.
  • To not care if I clapped when no-one else did.
  • To not care if I felt clumsy.
  • To not care if I looked clumsy.

And then something inside me shifted and it felt huge. A new energy rushed into my body and I saw the freedom that had come with this release. I began to just move ‘NOT CARING”, if it was the choreographed move or not and I had such fun. My heart opened. I felt excited. I felt energized. And I sweated more then I had at any other exercise class I had ever taken. I wasn’t holding back and wondering what if I get it wrong.

So my friend – what will you do today that frees you from the perfectionist archetype? What will you do today that will allow you to feel fun and excitement rushing through your body? Just pick something, anything and try it! Don’t allow that voice inside you to say, “well someone might see me, and what will they think”. Try dancing in your kitchen or singing in your car or even at the store.  Just take a chance, Free yourself and allow your joy and vitality levels to increase. Then let me know how you do and if you feel inspired pass this onto others so they to can”NOT CARE”.

Let me know how you get on.

Love & light


P.S. Here’s a link to a Zumba class from You Tube – I thought it might inspire you 🙂 http://youtu.be/tm7DyRjtWRc

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Image via Wikipedia - Compassion

A few weeks back  I had a message from the Angels about the importance of spending time to do a Life Review.  https://siobhanwilcox.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/secrets-revealed-about-our-life-review/

Part of this was about becoming conscious of the experiences in this life time which are holding a ‘charge’ for us. The Life Review was about exploring all the areas that we are really proud of in our lives.

We are asked to remind ourselves of those moments of compassion, oneness, love and generosity so that they are in our fore-minds. In doing so we can recognize our true connection to God in those moments. This brings us into a place of empowerment, while  expanding and strengthening our energetic field.

The other aspect of the Life Review was to take charge now of anything that is holding us outside of Oneness. The Angels told me that Guilt truly poisons us. It holds us back from evolution.  It attracts to us negative energies and further negative experiences so that we feel we are right to hold onto the guilt. The guilt makes more guilt and it becomes a negative pattern that needs to be stopped. Guilt never, never serves us!

The Angels say that we need to shift the energy around whatever situation we feel guilty about. If we have hurt another then we need to understand that guilt doesn’t serve them either. Showing compassion, apologizing, talking self responsibility for our actions, and deciding to adjust our behavior in the future are all healing and helpful, but guilt is just not! They told me that if we run guilt we cannot fully step into the healing that is available for us.

The other side of this is that we also hold the person we have wronged from being in a place of healing as we victimize them. They said that a victim is always a victim. Therefore they can not find full empowerment to heal themselves or the situation that we are holding guilt around.

So my friends, let us let go of all our guilt and replace it with compassion. Compassion for ourselves and our actions. Compassion for those we feel we wronged. Compassion lives in Oneness and so when we choose this higher vibrational emotion we step ourselves closer to God. We step ourselves into the Fifth Dimension and closer to enlightenment. The Angels want you to call on them for love and support. They are always available for you.

You are loved and all is well.

Love & light

Siobhan and the Angels

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Connecting with the Angelic Realm is a gift that is open to all. Today the Angels have asked me to share the following process for connecting deeper with them.
Imagine a huge radio dial with a myriad of frequencies that you can chose from. As you turn the dial you can access many different radio stations and stop when you find the music you like. The Angels want you to know that this model can be used to connect with them through the imagining of such a dial. The frequency of the Angelic Realm is higher than on earth and you will find it easier to connect with them by increasing your own personal frequency.
So how do you raise your frequency and close the gap between you and the magical world of spirit? The first area to look at is your thoughts and intentions. Keeping these filled with love, peace and harmony will greatly increase your life force energy.
Next consider your physical body. Eat as little processed food as possible, balancing your nutrition with herbs. Exercise your body to keep it strong and healthy. Try Yoga or Tai Chi as these are ancient forms of exercise that also balance the energetic body.  Drink plenty of clean blessed water. (You can bless your water yourself by writing the word love on the bottle or by simply stating your intention for the water to be blessed.)
The Angels assure me that even trying one of these suggestions will greatly increase your vibration and allow you to begin accessing the Angelic Realm with more ease and grace.
I personally found this to be true.  I made a number of changes including adjusting my diet to mostly organic produce, incorporating a practice to bless all my food and my water, consciously decreasing my mental toxicity and increasing my yoga practice. I was excited to find my clairvoyant abilities increase rapidly and dramatically. As my body cleared of toxins, including the mental toxins of negative self talk I could sense vibration rising wonderfully.
The Angels really want to connect with you and are excited to share. I hope this is of service. If you have questions please leave a comment.
love & light

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It was time to tap last night. I’m not talking about the phenomenal Emotional Freedom Technique called ‘Tapping’ but my new tap dancing class!  The Angels had told me that the thoughts that were holding me back from enjoying this class were also the thought patterns that created lack and limitation in other areas of my life. I was curious to explore this so as I drove to class I became an observer of my thoughts. I was quite surprised to hear the chatter that was unfolding.
Dance in the Light
The critic was at work and the victim had given up. The critic was telling me that “I would never be good enough to do the steps, I would let everyone else in the class down, make a show of myself and wasn’t I too old to be trying to learn to tap at 40 anyway?!”
Once the critic had finished it’s speech I began to hear the victim respond. “Oh maybe your right”.  “Why should I try something new?” ” I should just go back and spend time with the kids and clean the house. What was I ever thinking”. “To think I thought I could take tap and be even somewhat good at it. Who was I trying to fool”.
As I circled the car park for the second time, I realized how stressed my body was feeling now and that I was dreading going to class. I parked and sat in the car. Closing my eyes I began to call in my guidance team and told them that I wished to remove all limiting beliefs that I was holding around this class and my abilities. I told spirit that I wanted them pulled and deleted and then I requested to be filled with light and joy at the thought of the class.
This is a powerful tool to bring balance and power back into a situation. I instantly began to feel lighter Did it make me a better tap dancer? Highly unlikely! but I did really enjoy the class. I felt relaxed, I laughed and I tapped my heart out. I came home energized and enlivened. I did two loads of laundry, cleaned, tided and swept the house. I felt exhausted going to bed however it was a happy tired.
Try it and see what results you get.
Love & light

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