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The Angels have spoken to me before about prosperity & abundance and how to create wealth. They once again want me to talk with you about the imaginery chains that bind so many of us amazing lightworkers and keep us out side of the true flow of money.

It is very simple they say “When you are here to serve you MUST be willing to be paid for your service. You do not go to a grocery store and expect to get food for free or to the bank and expect to get your mortgage for free. Yet many lightworkers feel they can not ask for money for the great gifts that they bring to the world. Do not allow yourself to fall here as you need to be in a place of openness and receiving so that you can serve even more people.”

They went on to tell me -“that if a lightworker chooses to be in a place of lack then they are not truly honoring their full Godself. If they feel that they are not being recognised and appreciated for their gifts then they are just facing in the wrong direction and looking to the wrong audience. They need to turn around and be aware of all the opportunities that are theirs to have. They need to open themselves to all the people that need their wisdom and healing. To all those that need their grace and compassion.

God does not wish you to be in lack. God does not recognise financial sacrifice as an honorable thing as it stops you from being seen, stops you from being heard, stops you from being abundant and ultimately stops you from changing the world with your wisdom.”

Let me know what you think add your comments below 🙂

Wishing love, light, success and of course prosperity in your day

From Siobhan & The Angels

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I was talking to the Angels today about my latest business- Market Your Wisdom.  My biggest mission work yet.

It has grown organically from my passion for my Divine Mission Coaching. Over the last year in particular more and more incredible lighworkers have been coming to me for sessions. As these sessions unfold the over-lighting theme is that it is now time to be on mission and that more and more people are awakening to this fact.

Of course as more awaken, there is a question I keep hearing – ‘So how do I get my message out into the world?’

Honestly this question really excites me. I have a background in marketing, training & video production. So when I get asked this question in a session I become a motor mouth. I often get a slightly confused look from my clients – they know me as ‘The Angelic Messenger’ – few realize that I have a diploma in small business management & marketing, that I am a master training, that I founded a successful training & consultancy business in Ireland, that I studied communications & media production in college, that I have worked in audio/visual & marketing for over 10 years & that I even won an award for video production. So when they ask me that simple question they often get more then they were expecting.

However I am not the only one who gets very excited by this question. The Angels also do, because they see another wonderful lightbeing getting passionate about sharing their message and being in service.

Over the years of working with messengers I have realized that we all wish to change the world. We want to make a difference, heal others, transform lives and be seen.  So to complement my Divine Mission sessions the Angels have been asking me to package everything I know about building a successful business. They have asked me to begin officially coaching messengers on business, marketing, training development & promotion.

So under their strict supervision I have developed a FREE three part Marketing Training, – ‘Market Your Wisdom Insight Series’. Designed specifically for messengers just like you.

It’s purpose is  to help you as a Messenger Align with your Mission, Harness your Wisdom and Learn how to Package it.

Register Today So You Can Begin Changing the World – CLICK HERE NOW! Or visit my NEW Website http://www.MarketYourWisdom.com

I hope you enjoy it, I feel it is powerful & informative. I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Much Love & light

Siobhan & The Angels

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Today was a typical day for me. I spent most of the day in the office.  I was reminded today as I worked how whenever I go to a training workshop or to a networking group, my friends & colleagues always comment on my productivity.  I get comments like:

  • ‘How are you so productive?’
  • ‘How do you fit so much into your day?’
  • ‘How do you balance it all’

Most say they find it inspiring, some say they get tired just seeing everything I produce.

Let me tell you that I am not only a small business owner but I am also a mom of two young boys, one with special needs and my life is very busy just driving to schools, camps & therapy sessions.

However just today I managed to create the following:

  • I  bought a new domain name (market your wisdom.com)
  • I designed a new website (check it out I am very proud of it http:www.MarketYourWisdom.com),
  • I wrote & created the Ad copy for a new workshop I have coming up in Aug – A Two Day Dynamic Marketing Workshop Click Here to Find Out More
  • I created a new subscription  form for my new website,
  • I created the follow-up Thank Your Page,
  • I wrote an article entitled Five Free Marketing Tools To Increase Your On-line Presence! (I will be sending it out soon to subscribers)
  • I created and sent an E-Newsletter inviting people to my training,
  • I booked a room for my event & handled travel details for another training,
  • I updated my YouTube Channel,
  • I checked my social media,
  • I answered important emails,
  • I chatted with my friends,
  • I also cooked dinner, did the laundry, walked the dog, cleaned the kitchen, played with my son, took some on-line training, did an hour of Zumba at the gym –  oh and wrote this blog.  And all in a regular day.

And no I wasn’t warping time with a futuristic time machine or taking some strange energy enhancing drug, I didn’t even have a cup of coffee.  However I was being conscious about how I spent my energy and on where I put my focus. I also communicated with my Angels throughout the day letting them help me line up energy.

Over 12 years ago I had a very successful company in Ireland SMPG Training & Consultancy. One of my most popular products was a  training and coaching program I ran for executives & business teams on how to increase  personal effectiveness &  manage time.

So years later I still apply the strategies I taught so many years ago, and these are the very tools that help me be so productive.

  • The key is being in the moment, being conscious,
  • Being very clear on what you wish to focus upon,
  • Getting very clear on your priorities,
  • Allowing the energy to line up for all the projects you wish to create and complete,
  • Learning to maintaining your energy levels,
  • Nurturing yourself when you feel your energy is waning rather then pushing yourself into the ground to complete a task. I frequently take breaks- chat to a beloved friend or family member, do a few yoga poses, sit in my garden or walk my dog. All these allow me to stay balanced and keep my energy high.

I hope you found this helpful.  I have found these strategies have been crucial in my success and even more importantly my overall happiness and balance in life.

Wishing you love & light in your day

Siobhan & the Angels

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Divine Feminine Exhaustion Siobhan Wilcox Blog Image by Dave McLean (aka damclean) via Flickr

I realized yesterday that I am falling fowl of the great overmothering syndrome. My awareness was brought to it, due to not only my exhaustion, but also how the male energy around me was rebelling. Some were rebelling passively by ignoring me and others by refusing to do anything I asked. My 7 & 9 year olds were turning into teenagers.

So as I analyzed this, the Angels guided me to a place of deep awareness. They told me that on the planet right now the feminine energy is changing. This does not pertain to just women as men also have an aspect of feminine within their beings. The feminine has felt unappreciated, unseen and ignored for a long long time. However now this beautiful divine energy that is within each of us wants to be rebalance and acknowledged.

Some of the symptoms that you maybe a little unbalanced is if you overmother – your kids, your partner, your clients, your friends, your pets. How this can manifest in your life if that you may be feeling unappreciated, or even unseen for your worth. If you overmother then you do not self-care for yourself enough as you are spending all your energy mothering all else around you. Of course the result is exhaustion, frustration, anger and perhaps even sadness.

Self-care is the only answer here. The Angels told me to look after myself. To see who I have been overmothering and to gently send them love and support them so their independence can unfolding. Of course the biggest blessing in this is not just the return of our energy but  also that those around us learn how to self-care for themselves.  As we model for them how it is done we encourage them to do the same for themselves.

Let me know does this resonate with you today.

Love & light

Siobhan & the Angels

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Be Successful, Reach full potential

Allow in Your Success & Commit to It -Siobhan Wilcox

Well my friends I feel like I am writing the Zumba chronicles. Here I am again talking about an incredible insight I received while shaking my booty at Zumba on Friday.

During the class I started to develop a leg cramp, right in the center of my left calf. This immediately brought me into the moment. So I began to tuned inwards to see what was creating this. Using techniques I had learned while studying ‘Focusing’ many years ago I worked through my body, observing &  asking some questions-

  • was it happening because I hadn’t drunk  enough water,
  • or was I lacking in calcium,
  • or was it simply that I hadn’t stretched enough before class.

For those that haven’t heard of  ‘Focusing’ it is a body-based technique that helps to confirm inner knowing developed by psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin. I studied this over 14years ago while training as a Stress Management Consultant. However this time I was surprised as none of the questions were getting a response.

So I asked my angels – ‘What is causing this leg cramp’

“You have to stop trying to succeed”, they said. Now this threw me as I hadn’t expected this answer. I was confused. Not a good thing when you are sweating to keep up with fast music and have a throbbing leg. So frustratedly I asked for clarification.

“When you ‘TRY’ something”, the Angels responded,  “You do not committee to it!  You are trying to set up a new aspect to your business. However you have not committed to doing this. And therefore you are not allowing success to be yours. The pain in your leg is just a reminder that you are blocking the flow of your forward movement and creativity because you are NOT FULLY COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS. Allow Yourself to Succeed!!”

Wow, now that made sense to me. Just that week I was playing with the idea of developing a new training program-Master Trainer Academy. In brief this idea is to take all the wisdom, insights & knowledge I have gleaned from my years of studied and experience as a master trainer and facilitator  and develop it into dynamic on-line training. These programs will help others clarify, hone and package  their message so they can change more lives and create more income with their lightwork.

Yet at that time I was sitting on the fence and wondering should I do it or not. Was it my next step and mission etc. So this leg cramp was designed to wake me up. And it did.  So now I have  ‘Master Trainers Academy’ in the works, my leg no longer throbs & my Zumba classes are pain free.

So my friends what will you do to ‘stop trying to succeed’ How will you ‘ALLOW IN SUCCESS!!’ Let me know.

Love & light

Siobhan & The Angels

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Don't just spend - Invest your money Image by donbuciak via Flickr

The Angels told me this week that I was viewing money and my finances from the wrong angle.

They said that if I thought that I was spending all my money on groceries, bills, car payments, room rent, clothes, child care,  training & eduction etc. that I would never feel satisfied. I asked them to explain!!

They told me that when I enroll in a training workshop or attend a conference I am ‘INVESTING’ in my self. Investing in my mission and my passions. Investing in my message. On the other hand  if I look at the cost of the seminar as an expense, then I can not create the same amount of wealth from that financial outlay.

So I asked for clarification: “Do you mean that when I use my money to buy good quality food at the grocery store I invest in mine, and my family’s, health and well-being. Or that when I pay my light, heat, water etc I am investing in my life style, my quality of life and my comfort.”

They said “Exactly” and then went on to explain that money you ‘Invest’ in such ways comes back to you TEN FOLD.  However if you consider that you are just spending your money then you will not see the same return on that spend!!

So my friends let me know, what will you “invest” your money in this weekend?

You are loved & all is well

Siobhan and The Angels

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Flower of Life

Image via Wikipedia

Dear Light beings

I am excited to share this blog with you from author & master teacher Ellen Kaufman Dosick. It is a powerful message and I feel an important one. If you read my last blog on the Flower of Life.  I spoke about how we can now  access this ancient symbol and other scared geometry to assist us in our evolution. This shift that Ellen writes about in this post is the reason we now can become more empowered. I hope you enjoy reading it. All is interconnected within our world. It is my belief that nothing is a coincidence & all is cosmically interwoven just as within the Flower of Life itself.

love & light


“Can you feel the quickening evolution, the rising vibrations, the growing Light??  You are in the midst of the most rapid shifting in the history of your world. And it began in a big way toward the ending of your solar year 2010, when more than 50% of you made the decision to choose the way of Oneness Consciousness.  With that choice, the 18 Cosmic Laws had to begin changing as well.

The first Cosmic Law to change was the Law having to do with abundance.  Up until the end of 2010, it was always the strongest and the smartest who controlled the resources — if you were strong enough to grab the goodies, and smart enough to hold onto them, they were yours, and you didn’t have to share.  With the coming of the New Year, a great shift began to take place, in which resources would no longer go to the strong/smart, but would be available instead, to those choosing Oneness Consciousness — because of course, those in Oneness Consciousness will know to share the resources with all, so that everyone eventually will have enough.

So many of you have been asking now, “Where are the resources?” If the Cosmic Law shifted, why haven’t you felt the benefits?  Where is the abundance?

Just as Fear is the polar opposite of Love, so Sacrifice is the polar opposite of Abundance. Abundance cannot come through so long as you hold onto a notion of sacrifice.  Sacrifice is always about lack, about not-enough.  So long as you hold sacrifice as a noble pursuit, there can be no abundance.  Think about it — the notion of Sacrifice in Fifth Dimensional Oneness Consciousness doesn’t even make sense, it is a moot point.  You are deeply awash in 5-D.   It is time to let go of the nobility of sacrifice.

And so, over this last period of time, great work was taken on and accomplished by a few, to release the notion of Sacrifice from the operating systems of Humankind.

It was a vast work, and TODAY, May 3rd, Sacrifice is released, and without Sacrifice, there is a great energetic Opening — for Abundance.

It is an Opening.  That means you need to take the active steps to move through that Opening, to put yourselves into the flow of Abundance.  And we wish to tell you that the celebration is not in in the receiving, but in the sharing.

To find out about all of this, be sure to pick up a copy of the April edition of the Cosmic Times, due out next week.  To subscribe, please CLICK HERE. Until we talk again,”

Much Love to You!



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